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~ Shimmer & Sonnet ~


A medium-sized white dog with the "smiling" face, the Samoyed was brought out of Siberia at the end of the last century and the early part of this century to pull sledges on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions.
These beautiful dogs endured terrible hardships serving man in his quest to discover the Poles, with only a few returning. The Samoyed was originally used to be first and foremost companions to the Ninet people sleeping with the children to keep them warm in the harsh climate they lived in.
Samoyeds were also used to herd their reindeer and occasionally haul sledges for the Samoyed people in the northwest of Siberia.

The Samoyed tribesmen were peaceful nomads who demonstrated extraordinary love for their beautiful dogs and treated them as members of the family, and so their dogs developed a love and understanding of man.
The Samoyed jobs included herding reindeer, hunting, hauling sleighs and guard work.

The Samoyed people depended upon their dogs for survival. Samoyed dogs actually slept in the shelters with their people. Their exceedingly close association with humans helped to imprint a wonderful temperament on the breed with the smiling face, laughing eyes and stunning silver tipped coat.
Aust Ch Airebis Moonlight Spleandour "Zoe" at 3 months April 2008
owned and loved by
Linda DeRonchi Kietra Samoyeds WA


Samoyeds average age is 12 -15 years of age.  We had one live to a ripe old age of 18.
"Tamiera" Aust Ch Airebis Arctic Whisper at 12 years of age


We can't stress enough how important it is to buy a puppy (of any breed) from a reputable registered breeder that does health checks and will provide you a copy of the parents results (not just tell you they are good). Samoyeds overall are a healthy breed and aren't prone to many health issues, but it is important to know that the parents are healthy.

Hip dysplasia has been identified in the Samoyed breed on occasion, however most breeders hip and elbow score the sire and dam prior to producing a litter to ensure their scores are low. This is done by taking a hip & elbow x-ray of a Samoyed and then a specialist scores the xray. Hip scores can range from 0 to 106 on a hip, (106 being the worst).
In Australia the current breed average hip score is 12.25 (as per the AVA 5yr av)
The average was 12.2 (2000-2005) and 16.93 (pre 2000)

The Airebis Samoyed Hip Score Average is 6.03
(Sylvi has been excluded only because she was scored in Italy under the Letter Grading, Sylvi recived A/A which is Less than 3 on both hips, but because we do not know the exact number we have excluded the score for the average)

At Airebis, all breeding stock are hip and elbow scored and all scores are displayed on our website. We are very open and honest about health as we believe it is extremely important.

 Glaucoma remains a leading cause of blindness in animals. Therefore many breeders now conduct eye tests of their sire and dams to ensure they are breeding from health Samoyeds. Gonioscopy is a technique used to evaluate the iridocorneal angle, which will determine the etiology of a glaucoma or predisposition for glaucoma. The test takes about 15 minutes and involves placing a dome-shaped contact lens (goniolens) on the cornea. This lens permits the ophthalmologist to directly view the drainage angle and determine how open or closed the drainage angle is. The score ranges from 100% Open (excellent) to 0% Open (or 100% closed).
for more information:
We are very proud of the eye results our Samoyeds are receiving and we will continue to test and ensure our dogs are healthly.
It is recommeded by the specialist that dogs with a greater percentage than
50% Open are to be used in breeding programs
Liver shunts have been reported in Samoyeds. A liver shunt is a blood vessel that carries blood around the liver instead of through it. A Dog with shunts will almost always have high bile acids 2 hours after eating and usually at least 95% of dogs will have high bile acids after a 12 hour fast. Bile acids are produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder between meals. They are released into the intestines to help break down and absorb fats, and are reabsorbed and stored again until they are needed. Dogs with a liver shunt will have increased blood bile acid concentrations because the liver does not get a chance to remove and store these chemicals after they are reabsorbed.
All puppies bred by Airebis at 8 weeks are given the bile acid test to ensure their liver functions are correct. We provide the results to all puppy buyers in their welcome pack.

Our Results have been consistantly in the healthy range;
It is extremely important to us to not only breed typy sound Samoyeds, but to have healthy happy Samoyeds.

All our Hips are scored by Roger B Lavelle MA Vet MB MRCVS DVR FACVs FAVA in Australia
All our Eyes are viewed & scored by Chloe Hardman ACES panellist in Australia

 We are open and honest about ALL results once a dog has received them: 
Dogs we have Bred Call Name DOB Hips Total
Elbows Eyes Gonioscopy

Ch Airebis Russian Roulette
Mosco 08/05/1992 L2/R4 6 0/0 Normal -

Ch Airebis Arctic Whisper
Tamiera 04/08/1996 L2/R3 5 0/0 - -
Ch Airebis Moonlite Rendezvous

Indiana 13/02/2008 L3/R2 5 0/1 Normal 100% open

Grand Ch/Neut Ch
Airebis Kissed By Moonlite RN

Shimmer 13/02/2008 L4/R4 8 0/0 Normal 100% open
Ch Airebis Chase The Moonlite

Inka 13/02/2008 L3/R14 17* 0/0 Normal 65% opem/40% partial

Ch Airebis Moonlite Spendour
Zoe 13/02/2008 L0/R0 0 0/0 - -

Ch Airebis Moonlit Diamond Night (AI)
Sonnet 06/10/2009 L2/R4 6 0/0 Normal 80% Open

Jnr Ch Airebis Diamond in a Velvet Sky (Exp ITA)
Sylvi 06/10/2009 A/A A 0/0 Normal (not provided in ITA)

Airebis Reflection of a Diamond (AI)
Monet 06/10/2009 L8/R4 12 0/0 Normal 75% wide open / 25% sheets
Supreme Ch. Neut Ch.
Airebis What Dreams are Made Of
Dannika 08/07/2011 L3/R3 6 0/0 Normal 80% wide open

Ch Airebis The Sweetest Dream
Saskia 08/07/2011 L1/R1 2 0/0 Normal 95% open

Supreme Ch Airebis Czar's Dream
Loki 08/07/2011 L2/R2 4 0/0 Normal 75% open

Ch Airebis The Power of Reflection
Dane 16/07/2011 L5/R3 8 0/0 MRD 100% Open

Ch Airebis DancingInTheSummerRain
Cherry 08/02/2013 L2/R4 6 0/0 Normal 100% open

Ch Airebis Dancing in the Moonlite
Apache 08/02/2013 - TBA -  Normal  80% open

Ch Airebis The Power of Attraction
Leonardo 08/06/2013 L1/R4 5 0/0 Normal 100% Open

Supreme Ch Airebis I Will Always Love You
Tamikka 07/10/2014 L3/R4 7 0/0 Normal 75% Open

Ch Airebis Smile Your On Fire
Ryder 19/03/2014 L5/R4 9 0/0 Normal 90% Open

Ch Airebis TheWayYouMakeMeSmile
Sonor 19/03/2014 L3/R3 6 0/0 Normal 66% Wide Open

Airebis Just Keep Smiling
Sophie 19/03/2014 L2/R2 4 0/0 Normal 100% Open

Airebis A Shimmer of Moonlite 
Elara 31/08/2017 L1/R1 2 0/0 Normal 90% Open

Ch Airebis Whisper I Love You
Tahleha 15/01/2016 L4/R3 7 0/0 Normal 80% Open/20% Sheets

Ch Airebis I Love Cookies N Cream
Biscuit 15/01/2016 L3/R3 6 0/0 Normal 66% Open

Ch Airebis Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Simba 15/01/2016 L3/R3   0/0 Normal 75% Open/25% Sheets

Ch Airebis Once Upon A Time (AI)

Tinkerbell  30/05/2016 L2/R2 4 0/0 Normal  70% Open
Ch Airebis Rendezvous at Midnight Omar 04/08/2016 L1/R2 3 0/0 Normal 100% Open
      L1/R2 3 0/0 Normal 100% Open

Ch Airebis A Rose at Midnight
Luna 04/08/2016 L1/R1 2 0/0 Normal 95% Open

Supreme Ch Airebis My One True Love

Topaz 18/05/2018 L3/R5 8 0/0 Normal 100% Moderately wide open
Ch. Airebis Ready to Conquer  Spencer 03/09/2019 L2/R1 3 0/0 Normal 90% wide open 10% sheets 
Ch. Airebis Ready for Love Nikkita 03/09/2019 L5/R5 10 0/0 Normal right 67% open, left 60% open
Ch. Airebis Sunshine N Lollipops Sapphire 24/11/2019 L3/R4 7 0/0 Normal 67% moderately wide open
Airebis Little Miss Sunshine Zara 24/11/2019 TBA   TBA Normal 90% Open 10% closed
Ch. Airebis The Journey of Love Saxton 15/01/2016 L4/R3 7 0/0 Normal 85% Open
Airebis You Are My North Star Chatter  07/06/2022 TBA   TBA Normal 85% Open (75% Wide Open, 10% narrow)

^*Inka received an injury, the vet have said this is possibly why his score is higher on one side.
- Dogs without scores have not been tested to date


Airebis owned/breeding dogs Call Name DOB Hips Total Elbows Eyes Gonioscopy
Aust Ch Snerzok Coco Azzure Coco 07/12/2005 L2/R1 3 0/0 Normal 100% Open
Supreme Ch
Artaiga's Essence When I Fall in Love (Imp ITA)
Darvid 24/10/2008 A/A A 0/0 Normal 80% Open/
20% Partial
Aust Ch Kursharn Vintage Velveteen (Imp NZ) Velvet 19/12/2012 L7/R5 12 0/0 Normal 100% Open
Belaia Elegant Affair (Darvid daughter) Ellie 16/11/2013 L3/R2 5 0/0
Normal^ 100% Open

*A= Must be a score of less than 3 on each hip, it is an International grading system
^A couple of extra eye lashes


At the withers:

Dogs - 51cm to 56cm (20-22 inch)
Bitches - 46cm to 51cm (18-20 inch)

20kg to 26kg - Weight should be in proportion to size.


Despite its arctic heritage, the Samoyed has adapted well to warmer climates. It can sleep outside, although it certainly prefers to sleep inside, and needs to spend a significant part of each day being a loved part of the family, at the centre of everything you do. Samoyed owners find this zealous participation in the whole of their lives to be the breed's greatest asset.
A Samoyed is an active dog, being inquisitive, quick witted, and mischievous.
Samoyeds are fantastic with Children

(pictured left is Scarlet Smith & Indiana, pictured right is Evie Lewis with her dogs Diesel & Scarlett (Tamiera's Son & Daughter))


Excellent if brought up around other animals. Our Samoyeds have been brought up with our cats and rabbit.
Please let us know what pets you have at home.

"Dannika" Aust Ch Airebis What dreams are made of, Kissing Kellie's rabbit "Bounce"
The breed's magnificent white coat has two layers, a dense, woolly undercoat that is typically shed once a year, and a silver-tipped harsh outer coat of long, straight guard hairs.
Grooming this lovely coat can be a pleasure, or a chore, for both dog and owner. Therefore it is wise to get into a routine and do this from a young age. When our dogs see the brush they all know it means one on one time and clamour to be on the table first. Shimmer often falls asleep while Kellie is grooming her.
Samoyeds do not require daily grooming however it is recommended that they are brushed or combed at least every two weeks if possible. There are many groomers that are available too do this for you however please ask us and we can provide some names of people we recommend.
“Indiana” (BISS Aust Ch. Airebis Moonlite Rendezvous) at 3 months 
loved & owned by Stephen & Karen Smith, NSW
GENERAL APPEARANCE: Most striking. Medium and well balanced. Strong, active and graceful. Free from coarseness but capable of great endurance, with a heavy weather resisting coat.
CHARACTERISTICS: Intelligent, alert, full of action. "Smiling expression."
TEMPERAMENT: Displays affection to all mankind. Unprovoked nervousness or aggression highly undesirable.
HEAD & SKULL: Head powerful, wedge-shaped, with broad flat skull. Muzzle medium length. Tapering foreface not too sharply defined. Lips black. Hair short and smooth before ears. Nose black for preference, but may be brown or flesh-coloured.
EYES:  Almond shaped, set slanted, medium to dark brown, set well apart with alert intelligent expression. Eye rims unbroken black.
EARS: Thick, not too long, slightly rounded at tips. set well apart and well covered inside with hair. Fully erect in adults.
MOUTH: Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
NECK: Strong, not too short and proudly arched.
FOREQUARTERS: Shoulders well laid, legs straight and muscular with good bone and not too short.
BODY: Back medium in length, broad and very muscular with exceptionally strong loin. Chest deep but not too broad, well sprung deep ribs, giving plenty of heart and lung room.
HINDQUARTERS:  Very muscular, stifles well angulated, viewed from the rear, legs straight and parallel with well let down hocks.
FEET: Long, flattish, slightly spread and well feathered. Soles well cushioned with hair.

TAIL:  Long, profusely covered, carried over the back and to the side when alert, sometimes dropped when at rest.

GAIT/MOVEMENT: Moves freely with strong, agile drive, showing power and elegance.
COAT: Body should be well covered with thick, close, soft and short undercoat, with harsh but not wiry hair growing through it forming a weather resisting out coat which should stand straight away from the body and free from curl.
***NOTE: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

If you have any questions about this beautiful breed we are happy to answer them...
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Contact Airebis Samoyeds:

Judy, Graham, Kellie and Melanie Hughes
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0431 616 464 
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